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N°10 Summer 2001


CuNiFe Copper-Nickel-Iron Alloys for Maritime Applications

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CuNiFe products are used in many applications in the maritime area as these copper-nickel-iron alloys are highly resistant to sea-water. Due to the high costs of this material, it is not profitable to equip all areas with it. Therefore only systems conveying sea-water should be equipped with this material, such as sea-water operated equipment cooling circuits or difficult-to-access discharges of bilge water inside ships.
In the long run, however, CuNiFe products used in sea water systems have a considerably longer life cycle than those made of other materials. The initial investment will soon pay off.

Parker - your system supplier
The tubes used in any application must be connected according to requirements. To obtain a top quality fitting which is cost-effective at the same time, we designed the CuNiFe/stainless steel DIN connector. As the sea-water or brackish water is totally enclosed in the CuNiFe fitting, we are able to offer it with a stainless steel functional nut which is less expensive than a CuNiFe nut. Due to the design of the fitting, the sea-water medium conveyed has no contact with the nut. This inexpensive solution is suitable for application in dry areas e.g. below decks. For applications in outside areas where the parts are exposed to sea-water, the CuNiFe /stainless steel combination without additional surface treatment is unsuitable because of this combination of materials. External influences would cause contact corrosion of the stainless steel and the CuNiFe alloy due to the sea water acting as an electrolyte.

Approval by Germanischer Lloyd
The CuNiFe EO fittings made by Parker Hannifin GmbH are approved by Germanischer Lloyd and are specified for use in various applications at well-known shipyards.
The fitting bodies are made of CuNi10Fe1,6Mn. The functional nuts and the sealing cone nuts are made of proven 1.4571 stainless steel and are part of the standard programme. The soft seals used are made of FPM Viton®. The fittings can be assembled to CuNiFe or copper tubes.
FPM = Viton® (Registered Trademark of DuPont).

For all suggestions write to Parker Hannifin - Myriam Bernasconi

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